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CSHEMA is now accepting abstracts for the Spring Symposium on Chemical Safety: A Campus-Wide Opportunity on February 21–23, 2022, set to take place at the University of Central Florida, in Orlando, FL.

Submissions for abstracts will open on October 5, 2021 and close on November 12, 2021.

Symposium Abstract Submission Form - Spring 2022

Our universities have a wide variety of chemical use and storage, and training regulations and challenges. The goal of this symposium is to leverage our collective knowledge on these topics to provide insight and unique strategies to help combat ever-growing requirements.

We are looking for abstracts that cover, Chemical labs, Life Science and Engineering labs, Studios and Machine shops, along with business activities (e.g., University Facilities that handle chemicals and storage). Our topics should also include the movement of chemicals in and around the university along with the training needs and solutions to the variety of the different user groups. Let’s share our best practices, new tools, innovative projects, and lessons learned so we can improve all things related to chemical safety.

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