Upcoming Professional Development Seminars

Lab Safety 201

May 11, 13, 18 and 20, 2021
1:00 PM CST | 2:00 PM EST
Total of 8 hours
Pricing: $250 – members / $350 non-members

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This PDS is intended to develop and improve the participant’s knowledge of a comprehensive laboratory safety program. The class is framed around the "life cycle of the lab" -from when the new researcher just arrives, to when they ramp up their research, to the time they leave or retire. Topics include new lab outreach, risk assessment, hazard communication, chemical and hazard management, and lab closeouts. With this approach, the participants will be empowered to develop and maintain a comprehensive lab safety program. The course is a collaborative effort from the Laboratory Safety Community of Practice and is intended for attendees from small colleges to large universities with research enterprises of all types.

Learning Outcomes

  • Share best practices for lab safety from a wide variety of perspectives and experiences
  • Describe the different aspects of a comprehensive laboratory safety program.
  • Distinguish between three phases of the laboratory life cycle
  • Identify the unique issues presented in those three phases of the laboratory life cycle

Presenter Days

May 11 – Becky Grunewald and Michelle Rinehart
May 13 – Chris Kolodziej and Tristan White
May 18 – Jodi Ogilvie and Tristan White
May 20 – Nancy Eaker and Tristan White


Tristan White, MS, CIH, CSP - Safety and Health Specialist at Duke University
Tristan has worked in the EHS field for 8 years. He has previously been a Laser Safety Officer, Radiation Safety Officer and Assistant Manager for HSSE at Texas A&M University at Qatar. Currently, he works in the Lab Safety Division of the Occupational Environmental Safety Office at Duke University supporting safety in the research labs across campus.

Becky Grunewald -  Lab, Field, Radiation & Industrial Safety Program Manager at University of California, Davis
Becky’s 15+ year career at UCD began at a neuroscience lab bench, and has led her to her current career in safety. She was a founding member of the lab safety review team at Environmental Health and Safety, when it was created in 2013, and since then, has proceeded to manage radiation safety, remote field safety and industrial safety. She has found that relationships and communication are the key to building a strong safety culture.

Michelle Rinehart, MS, ASP, SSH – Senior Safety Specialist for Academic Programs at University of Texas at Dallas
Michelle Rinehart has worked for the University of Texas at Dallas since 2015 as a Safety Specialist. In her time at UT Dallas, she developed and continues to run the safety program for the teaching laboratories. As needed, she also provides safety support for the chemistry and engineering research labs, and maintains the campus’ online safety training program.

Jodi Ogilvie, Ph.D., ASP - Interim Lab and Research Safety Manager, Chemical Hygiene Officer at University of Minnesota 
Jodi Ogilvie is the Interim Lab and Research Safety Manager and Chemical Hygiene Officer at the University of Minnesota. Before her career in safety, she spent more than 10 years working in synthetic chemistry laboratories. At UMN, she manages the Lab and Research Safety program and provides guidance on the safe use, storage, and disposal of chemicals used in research and teaching.

Nancy L. Eaker ’92, Manager of Inspections, Texas A&M University
Nancy works at Texas A&M University as the EHS Manager for the Lab Safety and Inspections programs. She worked several years as a research assistant in an environmental lab prior to beginning work in academic safety in 2003. She is very passionate about safety as it relates to creating a safe work/research environment. Nancy has been involved with CSHEMA for several years, serving on the Awards Committee and as co-lead of the Laboratory Safety Community of Practice. She currently serves as the co-chair of the newly formed Scholarship Committee.

Christopher Kolodziej, Ph.D. – Chemical Hygiene Officer at UCLA
Chris is the Chemical Hygiene Officer at UCLA. He’s worked in and around research labs for the past 20 years. As a safety professional for the past five years, he has the opportunity to give some of the best scientists in the world the tools they need to do their work safely.

Past Professional Development Seminars

Conflict Management and Resolution Workshop |
Description, Learning Objectives, Design, Exercise Prompts (as questions), and Assessing/Evaluating
January 19th and 21st AND January 26th and 28th, 2021

How many times have you found that a safety issue is actually a conflict that just happens to be about safety? Let's face it - in safety we deal with a lot of conflict management needs - it's just part of what we do.  In this workshop we'll look at the nature of conflicts (they can be helpful if approached the right way), what works and what doesn't, communication and active listening skills, perspective vs. perception, human behavior and decision making, and how to build up your skills in these areas. We'll engage in active learning with practices, discussion on the learning, some role playing, and have fun throughout the day.  


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