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Roundtable Description

The CSHEMA Professional Development Committee is calling on the CSHEMA community for round table topics!  Round tables will differ from webinars in that they will be much more interactive. A person or a panel of presenters will lead the discussion primarily by asking questions of the group, there will be no PowerPoint presentations here!  The audience should come prepared to debate and discuss the topic at hand, as well as bring their own experience(s), facts, and opinions.

Upcoming Roundtables

EH&S Professional Certifications Roundtable
Our first roundtable discussion in this new series will be about professional certifications. CSP, CIH, CHMM, and many more...whether you are a seasoned pro or new to the field, there is a lot to discuss! Some of the questions we might discuss include: what is the value of certification, both to your organization and to your career? What certification(s) should those new to the profession consider, and when should they plan to attain them? How should you prepare for the various certification exams? Are their certifications that are not traditionally considered EH&S-related that are potentially useful? Can you convince your organization to pay for your certification? Come prepared to bring your questions and share your experiences!

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