The CSHEMA Rising Star Award seeks to honor outstanding individual CSHEMA members who are new to safety as a profession.

Judges will be evaluating:

  • Measurable impacts made by the nominee
  • Examples of work done at the university/institution, university community, or safety working group/department
  • Organization and presentation of material for evaluation


The nominee should be new to the profession of academic Environmental Health & Safety (1–2 years). The person should be producing at a high level and making a measurable change in the safety culture of their institution. 


 To be eligible to receive the award, the following requirements must be met:  

  1. The nominee's institution must be a CSHEMA institutional member in good standing
  2. The complete application must accompany a narrative
  3. Application must include the name of the member university, the nominee’s name, and a narrative that describes the nominee's impact to safety
  4. Submit a short narrative that can be read at the award ceremony if contacted about being the awarded nominee

The narrative may be no more than two double-spaced pages using a minimum font size of 12 points. Screenshots and photos may be included if it helps the evaluator understand the effort. Institutions may submit multiple entries.


  1. Entries must be received by March 1st.
  2. Entries must be submitted online.
  3. Entries will be one file, preferably PDF, and the file size should be as small as possible. Entries sent in any other format will not be accepted.


Members of the Awards and Recognition Committee will review entries for recognition. If the institution of an Awards and Recognition Committee member submits an application, the member shall recuse themselves from evaluating and voting. Recognition will be given for each category that meets the above criteria. 

  • 0–50 points – Measurable impacts made by the nominee
  • 0–35 points – Examples of changes made in the community
  • 0–15 points – Organization and presentation of material for evaluation and review

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