July 12, 2018

Environmental, health, and safety professionals from colleges and universities around the country converged on Baltimore from July 6-11 to participate in what was described as one of CSHEMA’s most successful annual conferences.

Nearly 500 people, including 383 professional delegates, were in attendance for six days of professional development seminars, association business sessions, educational sessions, and community of practice meetings. They also got to hear featured speakers Sandra K. Knight from the University of Maryland and National Institutes of Health Diversity of Inclusion and Diversity director Danny Dickerson. The event also welcomed 46 exhibitors in attendance, bringing total attendance to 495 people.

Reflecting on the conference in the CSHEMA Café, Yale University Environmental, Health and Safety Director Pete Reinhardt said feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

“Wow! Several people told me that the CSHEMA conference was their favorite and most rewarding safety meeting or conference. I agree,” he said. “After many talks, I said to myself, ‘Hearing this alone was worth attending.’ ”

CSHEMA Executive Director Jack Voorhees said the conference was a great success, and just three attendees short of a new record attendance mark. “A huge thanks goes out to our volunteers, our conference planning team, and our CSHEMA staff for all of their hard work. It did not go unnoticed.”