CSHEMA Board Nominations

Board members participate in a weekly conference call and up to two in-person, multiday meetings annually. Terms are three years and begin at the CSHEMA Annual Conference in July. Each year, two at-large members and the vice president will be elected. The positions of Secretary and Treasurer are elected every three years..

Board Members are selected to:

  • Nurture and shape CSHEMA's community

  • Create content and resources of value to you and your colleagues

  • Keep CSHEMA on track to meet goals and align with Association values 

Below is the list of candidates for the 2021 Election.

Nominees for Vice President

Candidate statement for CSHEMA Vice President

Bruce J. Brown, DrPH, CSP, CBSP, CHMM, ARM

I am currently the Associate Vice President for Safety and Business Continuity at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. I have been an active member of CSHEMA for twenty years and I owe the CSHEMA members a large debt of gratitude for all the continuing education, best practices, networking, and friendships I have been able to experience through CSHEMA. I hope to be able to continue to give back to the organization by serving as Vice President.

As a CSHEMA Board of Trustees At-Large member for the last three years, I have experienced working through the recent challenges presented by the association’s financial situation, changing association management companies, and the impacts of the pandemic on the organization, our annual conference, and symposiums. I plan to use the lessons learned during my time on the Board as the Vice President of CSHEMA. My goals would include increase membership and participation in CSHEMA, continue to work to ensure the long-term financial stability of the organization, and strategically partner with other organizations to help further the mission of CSHEMA.

The power of CSHEMA lies in its members and their contributions. Our priority must be to foster membership participation and recognize the efforts of those that make significant contributions to our association. I would like to thank the individuals who nominated me for this position and for having the confidence in me to take on the challenge of this critical leadership role.

Candidate statement for CSHEMA Vice President

Beth Welmaker, MS

As a 20+ year higher education EHS professional, I have relied on CSHEMA for support, growth, networking and quality resources at exceptional value. I know that I am not alone in recognizing the tremendous quality we supply our CSHEMA members.

I aspire to use my past experiences at Princeton University, Villanova University and now Nova Southeastern University, to position CSHEMA well for the years to come. I have enjoyed contributing to our conferences as a presenter, and as Chair of the Tampa Conference, my team had the opportunity to host the first CSHEMA virtual conference! Recently I have supported the newly formed Scholarship Committee and the Membership Committee.

I look forward to being innovative in our approaches, providing far-reaching, inclusive opportunities for involvement to make certain our CSHEMA community remains strong and continues to strive for excellence. My undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of South Carolina solidified my passion for science, and my Master’s degree in Environmental Science from NJIT expanded my expertise. But it has been my years serving students, faculty and staff that has anchored my heart in EHS and fueled my desire to serve others; to be part of the solution and make a difference. I would welcome the opportunity to serve my colleagues in the organization we esteem so highly.

Nominees for CSHEMA At-Large Member

Candidate statement for CSHEMA At-Large Member

Erich J. Fruchnicht, MS, CHMM

CSHEMA is a truly great organization; it is great because of its members – because of you. I have enjoyed every opportunity to listen as so many of you share the lessons you have learned and I appreciate the opportunity to share those I have learned.

Working with other CSHEMA members on the Radiation Safety CoP, the Technology CoP, the 2015 Conference Planning and Technical Program Committees, CSHEMA’s Safety Advancement Program Task Force, and the 2020-2021 Awards Committee has been a wonderful experience. I would like to continue to serve.

As a member of the CSHEMA Board of Trustees, I will leverage our unique position as the premier academic safety organization to find enriching partnerships with other organizations, develop engaging educational opportunities at our conferences and our desks, and work to keep CSHEMA financially sound ensuring growth for the future. I ask for your support to continue to serve you on the Board of Trustees. Thank you!

Candidate statement for CSHEMA At-Large Member 

Elisabeth Haase, MBA

I am sincerely honored to be nominated by my peers for a Member-at-Large position on the CSHEMA Board of Trustees. I am excited for the opportunity to work with my colleagues at the board level to further the mission, to continue implementation of the strategic plan, and to represent the small colleges and universities perspective. I welcome the opportunity to expand my experience with this outstanding and vibrant association. I have served as the co-chair of the membership committee, participate in the Small Colleges CoP, and was the chair of the 2014 CSHEMA annual conference in Palm Springs. I’ve also served as a moderator at past conferences and have presented both in technical sessions and a few professional development sessions. I have dedicated my career to academic Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and realize the critical contribution EHS has to the mission of higher education. Over my career, I have taken a collaborative and passionate approach to integrating EHS programs into institutional operations. Currently, I serve as the Director of EHS at both Carleton College and St. Olaf College, both in Northfield, Minnesota.

As a member of the Small School CoP, I have learned a great deal from my CSHEMA colleagues by attending many annual conferences and through the CSHEMA listserv/CAFÉ digest. Regardless of the size of our institutions, we are all partners in our higher education mission. We all deal with the same issues and challenges. Our membership is willing to share solutions collaboratively to help each other. Support, information sharing and networking are just a few of the many benefits of belonging to CSHEMA. I have an MBA from Suffolk University (Boston, MA) and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Boston College (Chestnut Hill, MA).

I have been an active member of CSHEMA since 1999. My desire is to give back to CSHEMA and my colleagues by using my past leadership experiences and my knowledge obtained serving on CSHEMA committees. I hope to be given the opportunity to represent my fellow CSHEMA members through service on the Board of Trustees. Thank you for your consideration.

Candidate statement for CSHEMA At-Large Member

Ryan M. Lisk, MPH, ASP

I am truly honored to be considered for one of this year’s Member-at-Large positions. CSHEMA is the premier professional organization to be a part of in higher education and this is an excellent opportunity for me to give back to our community. Thank you for this opportunity!

I am currently the Laboratory and Chemical Safety Officer and manage that team within our EHS office at Georgia Tech. I was the Environmental Programs Officer previously; served a 3- year term with the GT Staff Council; teach GT 1000 (Incoming Freshmen Seminar); embrace an active role in many joint faculty/staff committees; and served the Strategic Planning Steering Committee under our new university President upon his arrival in 2019. I have a BS in Biology from Kennesaw State University and a MPH (Environmental Health Science concentration) from the University of Georgia. I received my ASP Certification in April 2019.

Specific to my experience with CSHEMA, I have been active with our organization since 2014, attending my first annual conference in Palm Springs, CA that same year. I have participated in every annual conference since that time, sans 2015, attending PDS sessions, presenting technical sessions, and serving as a session moderator. I have been a member of CSHEMA’s Professional Development Committee since 2017 and am currently serving as the committee Chair. It has been exciting to be a part of a team that has taken CSHEMA’s webinar series to the next level, planned and organized virtual PDS content and sessions, and explored further conduits for continuing education opportunities that so many of us desire. Serving on the planning team for the CSHEMA’s first topic-focused Symposium on Makerspaces and Sustainability that was held at GT during the Fall of 2018 was also an excellent learning experience for me, giving me a deep appreciation for the level of detail it takes to make our events come together. It is through these experiences that this organization has helped hone my soft skills and experience as a safety professional.

Aside from the valuable benchmarking on specific programs one can do and taking part in the continuing education opportunities presented, the value of networking with this great group is what really sets CSHEMA apart from others. I would cherish the opportunity to serve our CSHEMA community, continuing to help our organization thrive as we move past the pandemic together. Bringing the insights of my experience with strategic planning and the Professional Development Committee to bear peripherally, I believe I can help lead us by improving communication between our leadership, Communities of Practice, Committees, other volunteers, and members.

Candidate statement for CSHEMA At-Large Member

Jodi Ogilvie, PhD, ASP

I started my safety career at the University of Minnesota in 2014 after over 10 years of working in organic/organometallic chemistry research labs during my academic career. Two months later, I attended my first CHSEMA conference in Palm Springs and have been an active CSHEMA member since then. Since 2015, I have served on the CSHEMA Annual Conference Education Committee and have attended many CSHEMA conferences, presented at several.

CSHEMA is a valuable organization with a great network for academic safety professionals. Sharing lessons learned through conferences, webinars and the communities of practice has been extremely valuable and rewarding for my colleagues and me. I want to serve on the Board of Trustees because I want to give back to the organization that has helped me so much during my safety career. Serving on the Board will also allow me to keep a close connection to the organization and the direction of future initiatives.

Through my experiences as a researcher and a safety professional, I can bring a diverse and technical viewpoint to the board. At my institution, I’ve been in charge of planning large, safetyrelated events such as conferences and technical training sessions. I have partnered both with UMN Research Leadership on safety initiatives as well as student-led safety teams, like the UMN Joint Safety Team, for a top-down and bottom-up approach to safety.

I look forward to continuing to serve the organization and believe I could make a valuable contribution to the Board of Trustees.