Volunteer opportunities offer CSHEMA members a rich experience that returns incredible value in leadership development and visibility within the profession. As any past volunteer will tell you, the experience is fun, challenging, and rewarding!

There are many ways to get involved. If a particular content area interests you, consider joining a community of practice and offer to chair a task force or develop an important resource. If you're interested in the strategic direction of the Association, consider running for a spot on the Board of Trustees (a call for nominations will be launched in the fourth quarter of each calendar year). If you think that you would like to roll up your sleeves and dig into projects that have an impact on the profession, consider putting in your name to serve on or chair a committee.

Below are the areas that we are looking for volunteers to lend some time. If you're interested in any of these, please complete the volunteer interest form and we will be in touch!

Advocacy Council

The newly named Advocacy Council is a relaunch of CSHEMA’s legislative efforts with a more thoughtful and inclusive approach. Work on this committee will include recommending to the Board of Trustees a legislative agenda that represents issues of importance to the EHS profession, coordinating the effort to monitor regulatory activity surrounding our agenda, recommending how and when CSHEMA should make its thoughts known about a particular topic, and regularly communicating with CSHEMA members about our efforts, the outcomes of regulatory action, and the needs of our members to have CSHEMA advocate on their behalf. The committee will meet regularly throughout the year.

Awards and Scholarship

CSHEMA has a robust awards and scholarship program. Work on this committee involves evaluation of current awards to ensure they meet the needs of the membership and the profession, proposing changes to existing awards, developing new awards as the need arises, and evaluating award entries based on award criteria. Generally speaking, this committee initially meets monthly but will need to come together more frequently during the first and second quarter of the calendar year.


Community of Practice Leader

Contribute to the educational and community building missions of the Association by actively engaging members of a community of practice in education and networking around a focused area, with the goal of improving practices. Typically, each community has two co-leaders to facilitate discussions and encourage engagement in the community.

Conference Education (Technical Program and PDS)

This committee is responsible for the development of a well-rounded slate of technical sessions and preconference Professional Development Seminars at the annual conference. Work on this committee involves active recruitment of speakers on a wide-range of topics that are of interest to CSHEMA annual conference delegates, evaluation of proposed abstracts, and analysis of attendee feedback. This committee is busiest between August and January of each year.

Conference Planning Team 

The Conference Planning Team has overall responsibility for the look and feel of the annual conference. Working closely with a Central Office staff member, this committee considers the overall conference schedule, keynote speaker(s), special events, and entertainment. The committee also serves as a resource for delegates visiting the conference location by recommending local transportation options, things to do, places to eat, etc. Work on this committee involves meeting monthly at first, but then more frequently as it gets closer to the annual conference. This committee will meet in person, at CSHEMA's expense, once at the location of the conference for two to three days, usually in September or October. The annual conference will be in Baltimore in 2018 and Indianapolis in 2019.


Work on this committee is varied. As CSHEMA evangelists, the membership committee will make contact with non-renewing members, serve as a collegial point of contact for members considering joining CSHEMA, welcome new members, assist with welcome new members/delegates to the annual conference, and monitor and recommend changes to the CSHEMA dues structure. This committee meets monthly but some time is needed outside of meetings to make phone calls, interface with the annual conference planning committee, etc.


The Nominations Committee consists of three recent CSHEMA past presidents and two members at large. This group receives nominations for the Board of Trustees, evaluates candidates for their willingness and eligibility to serve, and prepares a proposed slate for the election. This committee is the busiest in February, March, and April each year.

Professional Alliances

This special task force is charged with identifying opportunities for CSHEMA to partner with other organizations on efforts that are mutually beneficial. This could be in the form of a joint meeting, online learning event, or the production of a resource. This committee meets periodically.

Professional Development

This committee is asked to consider the educational content for professional development opportunities outside of the annual conference. Whether it is the development of core competencies for the profession or active recruitment of speakers, this group will have their finger on the pulse of the educational needs of EHS professionals and help design programmatic efforts to meet those needs. This committee will meet regularly year round.


The Rules Committee works closely with the Governance Subcommittee of the Board of Trustees to make sure that our governing documents and procedures are consistent with our practices and reflect the best practices of nonprofit organizations. Any changes that need to be made to any of our governing documents are proposed by this committee, approved by the board, and then submitted to the membership for a vote. This committee meets infrequently unless there is a specific project that needs attention.

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