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The CSHEMA Industrial Hygiene Community of Practice will:

  • Encourages the development and implementation of effective industrial hygiene programs in all college and universities
  • Writes articles related to industrial hygiene practices for CSHEMA publications
  • Provides networking opportunities for professionals in the industrial hygiene field to meet, get acquainted with, and develop relationships with colleagues to share problems, ideas, concerns, and solutions
  • Advocates for concerns and inquiries of professionals in the industrial hygiene field within CSHEMA
  • Translates CSHEMA's core competencies into relevance and impact for professionals in the industrial hygiene field


Join the Community

Membership within this community is open to anyone at a CSHEMA member institution with an interest in industrial hygiene best practices and resources.

Please contact our Central Office at 812.245.8084 or info@cshema.org to see if your institution is already a member.

Get Involved!

Since initially launching in 2013, CSHEMA's communities of practice have grown rapidly, with new ones being added each year. Now, CSHEMA is excited to introduce a new platform for these communities that will enable members to interact and communicate online and empower you to work effectively.

CSHEMA will phase the migration of communities of practice to CSHEMA Connect, a new site that will allow easy access to the content, groups, members, and discussions that interest you most. This phased implementation will allow CSHEMA to better support members in the transition. Once the implementation is complete, the CSHEMA Forum and email listserves will be deactivated.

Some features of CSHEMA Connect include:

  • Enhanced email capabilities. You'll receive emails that are more structured and easier to read.
  • Faster search results. Search for members and topics faster than before.
  • Streamlined process to join. Manage your community engagement on your own.
  • Easy document upload. Share resources with fellow community members.

Your online community awaits you. It’s time to Connect. Please contact info@cshema.org with any questions.

 CSHEMA Connect

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