CSHEMA offers ongoing professional development that you can participate in from the comfort of your own desk or as a team activity from a conference room or small auditorium!

Tech Talks: Looking for a way to catch up on new programming, technologies, or safety processes? Tech Talks presentations focus on current topics and issues facing health and safety. This series offers a diverse host of presenters and topics, encapsulating updates in one hour or less. For those planning professional development programming for staff, Tech Talks align with the Technical Competency within CSHEMA’s core competencies.

Insight Series: Health and safety programming is one component in the larger compliance framework in higher education. The Insight Series will explore topics such as research administration, faculty development, regulatory compliance obligations, professional association, and agency partnerships—all areas related to or linked with health and safety paradigms on campuses. The Insight Series is intended for mid-level professionals, management and higher, whose scope of practice extends beyond daily operations of health and safety.

Innovation Destination: Want to keep up with the latest innovations in environment, health, and safety processes and programs? Now you can with Innovation Destination. Every day, CSHEMA members are creating new and innovative ways to keep their institutions safe and healthy and this new monthly webinar will showcase those processes and programs. Do you have a program that you think is truly innovative? Does it change things in a new way that makes people safer and healthier? Want to tell others? If so, complete the application and the team will contact you to discuss featuring your program on Innovation Destination.


Upcoming Programs

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Innovation Destination: Lab Safety Initiative at the University of Washington
June 28, 2 p.m. Eastern
Alex Hagen, lab safety mentor at the University of Washington, will share their recent tools and events developed through the Lab Safety Initiative, such as the enhanced Lab Safety Survey online dashboard, the Chemical Hygiene Expo, and the Innovation Event. Some lessons learned from working with the initiative’s pilot group labs will also be shared. 

Introduction to Synthetic Biology
August 7, 2 p.m. Eastern
This webinar will give participants a general overview of synthetic biology (Synbio). Synbio is an evolving interdisciplinary field that applies principles from engineering, biology, math, and other fields to design and redesign biological components and systems that do not already exist in the natural world. Synthetic biologists, or biobuilders, create or engineer living cells to do something useful, such as cure or treat diseases, make a medicine, etc. Generally, synthetic biologists design a portion of DNA and merge it with an existing cell or organism. This allows the new modified cell or organism to behave a certain way according to design specifications. The webinar will cover terminology, synthetic biology methods, current applications, and ethical and social challenges of synthetic biology. Lastly, biosafety and biosecurity considerations of synthetic biology projects will be discussed.


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