CSHEMA offers ongoing professional development that you can participate in from the comfort of your own desk or as a team activity from a conference room or small auditorium!

Tech Talks: Looking for a way to catch up on new programming, technologies, or safety processes? Tech Talks presentations focus on current topics and issues facing health and safety. This series offers a diverse host of presenters and topics, encapsulating updates in one hour or less. For those planning professional development programming for staff, Tech Talks align with the Technical Competency within CSHEMA’s core competencies.

Insight Series: Health and safety programming is one component in the larger compliance framework in higher education. The Insight Series will explore topics such as research administration, faculty development, regulatory compliance obligations, professional association, and agency partnerships—all areas related to or linked with health and safety paradigms on campuses. The Insight Series is intended for mid-level professionals, management and higher, whose scope of practice extends beyond daily operations of health and safety.

Innovation Destination: Want to keep up with the latest innovations in environment, health, and safety processes and programs? Now you can with Innovation Destination. Every day, CSHEMA members are creating new and innovative ways to keep their institutions safe and healthy and this new monthly webinar will showcase those processes and programs. Do you have a program that you think is truly innovative? Does it change things in a new way that makes people safer and healthier? Want to tell others? If so, complete the application and the team will contact you to discuss featuring your program on Innovation Destination.


Upcoming Programs

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Best in 30: Implementing a Centrally Funded Lab Coat Program
April 18, 3:30 p.m. Eastern
In 2017, Northeastern University implemented a centrally funded and organized lab coat program that provides coats and laundry service to both the teaching labs and research labs. Presented by Elisabeth Clark and Cheryl Zurbrick from Northeastern University, this webinar will cover the pros and cons of a centralized lab coat program, how to get fiscal buy-in from upper management, the various business models vendors push for laundry service, implementation strategies for a large-scale program, what works well, and what still needs improvement. 

Best in 30: Safety Rocks! Awards for Safe Teaching Assistants
May 9, 3:30 p.m. Eastern
An aspect of laboratory safety that is often lacking at research universities is the emphasis of safe practices in undergraduate science curricula. In 2017, EHS staff at the University of Nevada–Reno performed assessments for the first time of more than 90 undergraduate Chemistry Department laboratory course sections. Rather than using the resulting data to simply enforce regulatory compliance, the focus was on recognizing those who already excel at motivating safety, resulting in the creation of the “Safest Teaching Assistant” award. Brock Young will present.

CRISPR: What Genome Editing Made Easy Means for Safety Professionals
May 17, 2 p.m. Eastern
This session is intended to provide an overview of biosafety considerations surrounding the use of gene editing tools, such as TALENS, zinc fingers, and CRISPR/Cas9, in research laboratories. The webinar will cover an introduction of these editing tools, current biosafety considerations and risk assessment strategies, and regulatory considerations. Dr. Richard DiTullio will present.

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