CSHEMA's Safety Advancement Program

CSHEMA’s new Safety Advancement Program is designed to help colleges, universities, and other campus environments assess and address health and safety performance. At the core of CSHEMA’s Safety Advancement Program is a 16-element management system that is influenced by CSHEMA’s longstanding Complete Safety Award and integrates three internationally recognized standards: ISO 14001, UHSAS 18001, and CWA 15973. It not only addresses environmental, occupational, and biological hazards and risk but also chemical, radiological, public relations, financial, and other areas.

The Self-Assessment

The first phase of CSHEMA’s Safety Advancement Program is the self-assessment. It is designed to be used by already high-achieving institutions as well as provide entry points of recognition for institutions that are taking first steps toward improving safety on campus. It provides a framework for understanding, enables comparison over time and across institutions, and encourages continuous improvement.

The 16 elements of the assessment, and the questions within, are arranged in a Plan-Do-Check-Act progression. Questions are designed to be discrete and answered with one of four ways:

  • Not Existing/Don't Know
  • In Process
  • Audit Ready
  • N/A

ESTARS Management System Elements

Once the self-assessment tool has been completed, a personalized report is generated detailing your institution’s assessment and highlighting areas for growth.

An institution moves through the self-assessment at their own pace. A thorough self-assessment should take approximately a year to complete as much of the assessment involves establishing or testing procedures that involve many different players on campus.

As more campuses implement the self-assessment, CSHEMA hopes to use data in the aggregate to analyze how best practices are being implemented and design resources that address deficiencies identified in the analysis.

Next Steps

The self-assessment is just the first element of CSHEMA’s Safety Advancement Program. In the future, CSHEMA plans to provide expanded services to interested campuses including third party verification, consulting, and other custom services.

To get started with CSHEMA's Safety Advancement Program, contact the CSHEMA Central Office at info@cshema.org or 812.245.8084.

Special thanks to the volunteers from Emory University for their work on the self-assessment tool.

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