Benchmarking and Salary Surveys

Time for a Free Checkup!

How do you know if you’re healthy? You go to the doctor and get a checkup. In the same vein, how do you know if your EHS program is healthy and functioning smoothly? You need to develop a mechanism to measure the effectiveness of your operations and to get feedback from your customers. This involves conducting periodic surveys and having internal or external audits or peer reviews of your program. It’s also necessary to constantly talk to your customers on a one-on-one basis.  

One instrument to help is CSHEMA’s benchmarking and salary survey program. One of the great benefits of CSHEMA membership is the opportunity to network with our peers to get ideas and stay on top of current thinking in our profession. The CSHEMA benchmarking program gives participants an opportunity to compare their programs with their peers.

There are many types of benchmarks. Some are used to monitor trends, such as rising costs, decreasing funding, or increasing square footage. Others are used to compare your own operations against a cohort group to identify areas that you are either excelling at or need to improve. Some benchmarks identify “best practices” being performed at other institutions.  

CSHEMA has 15 years of experience with benchmarking. The Research and Survey Community of Practice has spent considerable effort reviewing past benchmarking surveys and suggestions from the membership to update the program to meet the member needs.

Some of the changes we made include:

  • It is free to all CSHEMA members when completed on schedule.
  • Size of the survey was reduced to lessen the burden of data collection.
  • It will be offered every two years.
  • Questions that will generate useful data for both small and large programs were developed.
  • Supplemental qualitative information on how campuses are responding to new EHS issues will be collected.

How to Participate

We will be conducting this survey after the annual conference in July. Stay tuned for more information! 


Members who participate in this free survey will be given a copy of the dataset in raw format for their own use and manipulation. The quality of the data is closely related to having a high participation rate, so we encourage all to participate. We can all learn from each other and need to continually strive to improve our environmental health and safety programs.

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