Special Project Grants

CSHEMA will consider proposals for special projects (e.g., trainings, research, etc.) consistent with the Association’s mission and strategic plan. Through the process, CSHEMA may grant up to $3,000 per selected project. Multi-year or monetary project requests greater than $3,000 will be considered on individual basis. The Board of Trustees will determine the available funds for this program annually and the number of awards will be dependent on the funds available and the size of the grant requests received.

Applicants are also welcome to apply for unfunded CSHEMA endorsement of events, and the same review criteria will apply. CSHEMA’s Board of Trustees will consider endorsing special projects that support its mission of supporting and educating campus-based EHS professionals, in order to empower and improve institutional EHS programs in campus environments. In addition to meeting and/or advancing the mission of CSHEMA, proposals must be innovative, impact the broader group work community, and include a plan to sustain/disseminate the work after the project.


All submissions must include all of the requested information.

Submissions are to be submitted electronically using this form.

A committee, consisting of at least two CSHEMA Board of Trustees members and the Executive Director, will review the applications. The recording secretary, in consultation with the vice president, will recommend the composition of the committee to the board. Board members selected to review applications may not be affiliated with the application, as an applicant or institutions represented. Applicants are not to be paid from CSHEMA grant money. 

All projects under CSHEMA auspices must be approved, regardless of funding source, before commencement.

The committee will consider how well the application attends to the required elements, utilizing the Criteria for Review, below.

Recommendations are submitted to the full CSHEMA Board of Directors that will provide a final decision by majority vote.

Proposals must meet the criteria to the satisfaction of the review panel to be presented to the Board of Trustees for final funding decisions. The review panel can request additional information and allow one resubmission if necessary. No further submissions will be accepted after one additional request is completed.

The entire review process will not exceed 60 days.

Criteria for Review
The proposal is clear and complete on required informational items above.

There are clear, achievable and measurable objectives.

The proposal is innovative.

The applicant(s) are members in good standing of CSHEMA.

There is sufficient detail in the proposal for replication.

The proposal meets and/or advances the Mission of CSHEMA.

The proposal impacts the broader group work community.

There is a plan to sustain the work and/or disseminate materials for education or advocacy purposes after the project.

For requested funding, there is sufficient detail/explanation of the costs and the amount of money seems appropriate for the project.

If funds are requested, there is a time frame for project completion.

The evaluation plan of the project is clear and complete.

Apply for special project funding

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