Awards and Scholarship

CSHEMA is accepting awards and scholarship nominations until March 31. Use the left-hand navigation to find out more about how to apply.

 Participation in the CSHEMA Award and Scholarship Program will bring you recognition by your peers, your local press, and your campus community, as well as a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of pride for your department.

This program encourages creative problem solving by rewarding new approaches to difficult challenges. Criteria by which entries are evaluated include the following: identification of a problem, method of implementation, cost effectiveness, and applicability to other institutions.

CSHEMA offers individual awards, institutional awards, and a scholarship. The Awards and Recognition Committee or Scholarship Committee reviews all entries and selects the recipients.

The awards are presented at the annual conference each year. Find past award recipients here.

Entry and Award Process

Participation in the CSHEMA awards program is limited to members only. The recipient must be at a member institution to be eligible for an award. If you aren't sure if your institution is a member, contact the CSHEMA Central Office at 812.245.8084 or

Multiple entries may be submitted for more than one category. Recipients of the Award of Honor in the Complete Safety Program must wait four years before participating again in this category. 

  • Prepare and Submit the Entry—For all categories except the Complete Safety Program and the Marketing/Communications Awards, entries must be submitted online. Entries should be one file, preferably PDF, and the file size should be as small as possible. Entries sent by any other method will not be accepted.
  • Evaluations—The Awards and Recognition Committee will judge all entries (judges for the Complete Safety Award are former recipients of this award; Marketing/Communications awards are judged by a third party).
  • Notification—Electronic notification of judges' decisions will be sent to entrants by the end of May. 
  • Awards Ceremony—Recipients will be recognized at the CSHEMA annual conference, usually held in July each year.



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