CSHEMA committees focus work on a particular program or outcome. Please find a description of each committee below.

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Advocacy Council
This committee develops and recommends CSHEMA's legislative agenda that represents issues of importance to the profession and the coordinates efforts to monitor regulatory activity, recommend when CSHEMA should comment on said issues, and keep the membership at large informed. Robin Izzo, Princeton University, and Patrick Durbin, University of Texas, currently lead this group.

Awards and Recognition Committee
This committee oversee CSHEMA's awards and scholarship program, ensuring recognition is given to recipients at the annual conference.This committee is currently lead by Justin Grillot, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Conference Planning Committee
Each year, a Conference Planning Committee works with the CSHEMA Central Office and other committees to produce the annual conference. Kyle Angelo, Princeton University, is the current chair.  

Nominations Committee
Composed of five members, at least three of which are past presidents, the Nominations Committee reviews Board of Directors candidates and send a final slate of candidate to the board for approval. The most senior past president chairs this committee. 

Membership Committee
The mission of the CSHEMA Membership Committee is to serve and increase our membership of high caliber safety, health, and environmental management professionals from colleges and universities. Elisabeth Haase, Carleton College, and Ryan Brickman, Montana State University, co-chair this committee.

Professional Development Committee
This committee develops programs, products, and services that will enhance the technical skills and breadth of professional knowledge of CSHEMA's members. Amy Orders, North Carolina State University, is the current chair.

Rules Committee
This committee is charged with assuring that the Operating Procedures are properly maintained, proposing revisions to CSHEMA's governing documents to the Board of Trustees, and considering other governance issues of the Association. The current chair of this committee is Todd Houts, University of Missouri.

Technical Program Committee
The Technical Program Committee has overall responsibility for recruiting, reviewing, and providing content for the annual conference technical program and preconference programs. This committee also ensures that presentations at the annual conference meet CSHEMA's eligibility requirements. Michael Labosky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, chairs this committee.

Special Committees and Task Forces

Professional Alliances is charged with identifying opportunities for CSHEMA to partner with other organizations on efforts that are mutually beneficial. This could be in the form of a joint meeting, online learning event, or the production of a resource.

CSHEMA's Safety Advancement Program: CSHEMA’s new Safety Advancement Program is designed to help colleges, universities, and other campus environments assess and address health and safety performance. A small group of people led by Erich Fructnicht, Texas A&M Health Science Center, shepherd this innovative new member benefit.

CSHEMA is also a member of the Council of Higher Education Management Associations (CHEMA), an informal voluntary assembly of management-oriented higher education associations in the United States and Canada. By sharing information, comparing experiences, and working collectively on projects of shared interest, CHEMA members maximize their resources and create substantial benefits for the colleges and universities they represent.

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