Start a New Community of Practice

Follow these steps to get your community started:

  • Identify an issue (or set of issues) that you are interested in and identify 10 people (yourself included) who are willing to help pilot the new community. One person of this group needs to be willing to serve as the community leader (for a minimum term of one year)
  • The community leader should then connect with Kelsie Holt in the Central Office ( or 812.245.8084). During an initial meeting, she can help you understand the process for development and give you a timeline for setting up your online home.
  • Pilot members work together to submit a purpose statement, roster of initial members, and a list of topical categories for the community that will be used for your community's communication tools.
  • Once this information is submitted, the CSHEMA Central Office will work on creating the community of practice presence.
  • Pilot members test technology on web pages and work with the Central Office to begin to populate resource areas.
  • Members and Central Office work together to market the new community of practice to encourage members to join.

Potential communication services for communities include:

  • Discussion forums
  • Blogs
  • Document sharing services

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