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The CSHEMA Connection is the Association's premiere resource for best practices and all the latest information pertaining to top professionals with environmental health and safety (EHS) responsibilities in the education and research communities. The Connection is an electronic newsletter that reaches hundreds of institutions across the United States—and beyond. The Connection is the resource for all of the Association’s information sharing opportunities, continuing education, and professional fellowship. The Connection is published monthly and has a circulation of 1,000 that is 100 percent qualified and paid.

Ad Size and Pricing

Advertising space in the CSHEMA Connection is along the right-hand side of the newsletter. The space is composed of multiple 215 by 150 pixel blocks. Advertisements can contain one live link. At the time an advertisement is purchased, a month for the placement of the ad may be chosen. Ads are placed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Connection Ad Rates (per issue)

Color  11x  6x  3x  1x 
 Full page (215 x 600 pixels)  $750  $950  $1,100  $1,450
 2/3 page (215 x 450 pixels)  $650  $850  $1,000  $1,300
 1/2 page (215 x 300 pixels) $500  $700  $900  $1,250
 1/4 page (215 x 150 pixels)  $400  $600  $800  $1,000

*CSHEMA associate members are eligible for a 15% discount

Materials Specifications

All color files must be saved as RGB. Acceptable graphic file formats are: PDF, EPS, TIF, and JPEG files. All files should be at least 72 dpi (resolution). Files created using desktop publishing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are acceptable.

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