Membership Benefits

As part of a CSHEMA membership, take advantage of these benefits:


Members have many chances for interaction with other campus safety professionals. This is done through communities of practice, the CSHEMA Forum, or in-person and online learning programs throughout the year. 

Career Development

CSHEMA provides opportunities to expand your career through involvement in the work of the committees, such as the Government Relations Committee or Rules Committee.

Award Programs

Each year, members are invited to submit entries in the awards programs. Former winners make up the panels of judges who carefully evaluate entries in each of the categories.


Encourage students at your institution to apply for a CSHEMA scholarship. The Scholarship Committee reviews applicants and selects up to two students to receive monetary awards used toward continuing their education in the safety field.

Annual Conference

Technical presentations, round-table discussions, and workshops bring campus safety professionals together for the annual conference


CSHEMA follows a formal system of governing itself. We encourage all members to volunteer for leadership positions.


Benchmarking allows member institutions to compare themselves with meaningful, timely, and accurate data. This information facilitates more informed decisions.


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