Sponsorship – Enjoy the Benefits

CSHEMA intends to position corporate members as a leader with the membership. We’ll help establish a leadership position by serving as the first choice in the higher education segment. As a CSHEMA program or conference sponsor, your company plays host to high-profile college/university decision-makers. Through your sponsorship and special acknowledgements, you gain undivided and comprehensive promotional value with your target audience.

No other marketing vehicle singles you out before an audience of this size and caliber! Your sponsored event/program—along with official acknowledgements, special signage, and promotional items—puts your company’s name foremost in the minds of your target audience. You gain unmatched recognition as an industry leader and generate a wealth of goodwill with your key business partners. Close alignment with CSHEMA will provide companies an outstanding ROI as a result of the invaluable visibility and positioning with the benefits outlined below. 


  • Reach Your Targeted Audience – Decision-making teams seeking intelligence about suppliers get direct access to information about services.

  • Capture Leads – Participation in conferences, seminars, thought leadership, and the greater community will provide direct sales leads and connect companies with target customer.

  • Increase Reach – Sponsorship helps reach potential (often undiscovered) customers.

  • Increase Sales – Sponsors’ top-line revenue growth is directly attributable to their presence in CSHEMA.

  • Get Return on Investment (ROI) – Optimizing awareness and visibility with a highly-targeted audience.

  • Be an Objective Source of Information – Sharing industry expertise within the member community provides a trusted, objective platform to communicate your experience, capabilities, products, and services. Buyers seeking information can interact with company representatives, their case studies, white papers, research, and more in a non-sales oriented environment.

  • Connect with Credibility – With mutual participation, members will associate your company as a trusted partner—a value of great importance in the higher education industry.

  • Develop Direct Referrals – Members look to their trade association for referrals and purchasing decisions.

  • Recognition as Industry Leaders – CSHEMA sponsors are widely recognized as leaders in safety, health, and environmental management.

  • Commit to Quality – Sponsorship’s elite status provides a direct association to quality.

Sponsorship Opportunities  

Sponsorship opportunities are available to fit any budget, but they are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so act now to gain unmatched visibility with an unprecedented audience of your higher education customers. CSHEMA offers four sponsorship level packages. If your company has different ideas, goals, or resources for the expression of your brand, CSHEMA will customize a sponsorship package to meet diverse marketing objectives and fit within your budget. 

Contact us today at 812.245.8084 or info@cshema.org to discuss sponsorship opportunities. 


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