The mission of CSHEMA is to support and to educate campus-based EHS professionals to empower and to improve the EHS profession in campus environments.


CSHEMA will continue to be the pre-eminent leadership organization representing the EHS profession in campus environments.

Core Values

CSHEMA's essential and enduring tenets are core values—a small set of timeless, guiding principles that do not require external justification. They hold great intrinsic value and importance to Association members, staff and key stakeholders. Core values are so fundamental, they seldom change—if at all.

  • Uphold the honor, integrity, and dignity of the profession
    • Promote inclusion and diversity in the profession
  • Strong member services through ongoing needs assessment for campus-based EHS professionals
  • Advocacy on behalf of the profession as the voice of campus-based EHS
  • Commitment to practical and applicable solutions for the campus-based EHS professional
  • Commitment to continuous improvement
  • Commitment to education

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